Install AWS App Mesh Controller For K8s

AWS App Mesh Controller For K8s is a controller to help manage App Mesh resources for a Kubernetes cluster. The controller watches custom resources for changes and reflects those changes into the App Mesh API. It is accompanied by the deployment of three custom resource definitions (CRDs): meshes, virtualnodes, and virtualservices. These map to App Mesh API objects which the controller manages for you.

To start, add the eks-charts helm repository:

helm repo add eks

Create the appmesh-system namespace:

kubectl create ns appmesh-system

Apply the CRDs:

kubectl apply -f

Install the appmesh-controller:

helm upgrade -i appmesh-controller eks/appmesh-controller --namespace appmesh-system

Install the mutating admission webhook (aws-app-mesh-inject):

helm upgrade -i appmesh-inject eks/appmesh-inject \
  --namespace appmesh-system \
  --set mesh.create=false \